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Cheerleading has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I used to really suck at it, but I would spend all my free time tumbling and practicing. Even then, when I knew I was bad, I loved it - to me, that is a passion. Something you just simply love to do or learn about or be a part of. For my project I wanted to take it one step further...


Over the last 8 months, my stunt group prepared for something that BYU Cheer has never done or qualified for: individual partner stunt group nationals!


It took a total of:

2-3 extra practices a


149 hours of practice

additional 10+ hours a week at team practice

But let me tell you, the work was worth it. In April we competed and made it to finals 10/48 and finished in 9 our of the 15 final teams. Below on the left is our best routine yet and on the right is the one we competed. 

I spend every waking moment thinking about this sport that I love and the people that have become my family. That being said, this sport is dangerous and the falls make for a good blooper reel sooo here ya go -  enjoy mine:


*ps make sure that sound is up

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